Dana Lin was born in 1978 and grew up in Ramat Gan. She had an active interest in art from a young age and majored in plastic arts. In her work, Dana was influenced by the materials and production methods with which she was familiar with in various jobs she worked in, some of which were handicrafts such as: creating stage backdrops, creating and designing mosaics, jewelry making, carpentry, etc.

In Her twenties she began relating actual situations from her personal life in her work in an attempt to deal with difficulties and hardships she experienced, and began to develop intuitive painting methods, which led her to pictorial spaces where she could envision her subconscious world in action, with images living and being born therein. she began to see the possibility of manipulating the painting in a way that would help her understand situations in her life more clearly, and create pictorial scenes for her own benefit, using textures and images that attracted me.

With time, her work developed connections to spiritual and mythological iconographies that she sought to create a personal connection with through painting. You could say that her painting is intuitive and draws from inner fantastical narratives and visions, where she is interested in getting to know hidden dynamics and structures, familiar and new, and the characters that inhabit them. She is also interested in the matter states of symbolized light on the white page, and ways of interacting with it through different forms of touch, movement, and tempo.

Dana Lin is also an active musician and songwriter, haing released her debut album “Lihiot Anan” (“Being a Cloud”) in 2021.