Dana Lin, born in 1978, grew up in Ramat Gan. She was naturally drawn to creating art from a young age and later studied in the Thelma Yalin School of Art. Soon thereafter she began to make a living from various jobs involving handicrafts such as: scenic design, mozaics, jewelary making, carpentry etc. The materials and production methods involved in her work experience became incorporated into her own art.

In her twenties Dana began to relate actual situations from her personal life in her artworks in an attempt to deal with difficulties and hardships she experienced, and began to develop intuitive painting methods, which led her to pictorial spaces where she could take an active role in her subconcious world, familiarize herself with its hidden dynamics and structures and the characters which inhabit them.

With time, her work developed connections to spiritual and mythological iconographies that she sought to create a personal connection with through painting. Her painting can be categorized as intuitive, leaning into the fantastical, and exploring different forms of sensation and tempo.

Dana Lin is also an active musician and songwriter. Her first album “Lihiot Anan” (“Being a Cloud”) was released in 2021.