2009: “Ma’ase Merkava”, Gal-On Gallery. A solo exhibition of works made of wallpaper clippings. Curator: Shira Aharon.

2013: “The Protected Words”, Haifa Museum.
A series of works depicting an astral journey with the Egyptian god Anubis. Presented in guest curations by Dalit Sharon, in the international exhibition “In Other Circles: Outsiders, Naive, Autodidacts”, curated by Ruthi Direktor.

2016: “Twin City, Dream Time”, solo exhibition at Tipul Cafe, Haifa.

2018: “The Most Mysterious Comic Book in the Universe”, a solo exhibition at the “Left Bank” gallery. Curator: Larisa Miller.

I have also presented in a number of group exhibitions, including:

“The Pit and the Pyramid”, Gallery p8, Tel Aviv. Curator: Marik Lachner.

“Dark Romanticism”, Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.

“Achzav”, The Cube School, Jerusalem. Curator: Dan Orimian.